When I first saw the actual interface with Mobstar I had to catch my breath. After 40 years in the music business searching for and nurturing talent, the idea that Mobstar could find a way to give dreamers, singers, writers and people who dare to think, act, or dress funny an audience is nothing less than a game changer.

Without fear, young artists can seek judgement without humiliation and grow with guidance and confidence miles and miles from the nearest record label, comedy club or fashion house. With the playing field leveled, talent will find a way to prevail with the help of a smartphone.

I am proud to be a part of a global team with the vision to reduce years and years of auditions in merciless conditions to an opportunity to build your own community of like minded people. If you already know you can’t not do what you dream to do, then Mobstar beckons.

You can shine the light on you.

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